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Public schools will not serve as the great equalizer of opportunity until they provide all students with the chance to acquire the critical listening, reasoning, argumentation, and communication skills developed through classroom discourse and required for future success in any discipline.


Register here for our next live online presentation with one of our founders dr. Joshua lawrence. We will walk you through each step of our literacy leadership course and describe how we will support you in making and implementing a whole school action plan!

We designed the Area Study Organizer to help students integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines when studying a geographical or cultural area. This strategy was inspired by how people examine issues in academic subjects such as Middle Eastern and European Studies.

The OASIS model is designed to improve your school's in-house capabilities in a sustainable and lasting way. We at Reading Ways have developed this model based on academic research and years of professional experience working with adult learning. The OASIS-model is a new model for learning that builds on concepts of capacity building, professional development, and adult learning. It is a blended model that combines online approaches (such as e-learning and online support) with traditional site-based support.