This event will be held on Friday, April 14th, from 2 PM - 3 PM CDT and is only open to state and regional professional development providers. The event will include short presentations, Q&A with the presenters, and breakout sessions to facilitate cross-state collaboration and networking. A detailed agenda and zoom link will be sent to those who sign up a few days before the presentation.

The presentations will comprise the following components: 

  • An overview of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the research carried out by it, along with a preview of the presentation on the outcomes of the Northeastern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program, a state-level network-building initiative. This preview will be presented during the annual meeting in Chicago on April 16th and will feature Dianna Townsend (University of Nevada, Reno), Sarah Lupo (James Madison University), Sarah Negrete and Darl Kiernan (Northeastern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program), and Joshua Lawrence (University of Oslo).
  • An overview of new resources from Carrie Simkin, the Director of, and a discussion on implementing these to scale statewide and regional initiatives 
  • A description of grant initiatives to scale research-based practices and the study of how regional and state leaders can facilitate this work from Shannon Bosley, Adolescent Literacy Consultant for Reading Ways.

To register for this event, click on this link.

Summary of the AERA Presentation 

During the AERA presentation, the panel will share their findings on the role of professional learning providers (PLPs) in promoting research-based practices, based on data collected from PLPs in one state over a year through interactive workshops. Specifically, the study aims to examine the methods used by secondary educators in promoting literacy and to understand how PLPs incorporate research in their support of literacy presented in professional learning. The study employs a qualitative case study approach and draws on established principles of professional learning and research on secondary teachers' knowledge of literacy strategies.

The study is expected to yield valuable insights into how PLPs can better support the development of strong literacy skills among adolescent readers and bridge the gap between research and practice in adolescent literacy. The panel will review these findings and discuss their implications for state and regional leaders, with the ultimate goal of extending the impact of research-based practices to improve literacy outcomes. We hope you join us in this important discussion.

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A State-Level Networking Event and Webinar to Promote Research-Based Practices in Adolescent Literacy
State and Regional Professional Development providers are invited to attend a special webinar and networking event to hear directly from a national team about their upcoming AERA presentation, new online resources from, and new grant opportunities.
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