We are so excited to share our new and improved learning platform with you! We now have over one hundred strategies, as well as videos, assessments, text sets, and other resources.

Our Resource Library contains hundreds of resources for teacher, coaches, and administrators.

Filter Resources Based on Learning Focus

Our resources are organized around three high-level learning objectives: disciplinary thinking, document comprehension, and building knowledge across texts. We created these categorized to align with breakthroughs in the science of reading and our specific instructional approaches. Disciplinary thinking relates to an understanding of the purpose of reading, which will largely be shaped by the discipline of the text; document comprehension relates to the skills used when reading a particular text (i.e., requisite background knowledge, vocabulary, understanding of authors' biases or purpose); and lastly skills related to what we do with the knowledge after we have finished reading, we labeled under the heading knowledge building and application.  On our learning platform users can filter resources based on the categories.

Classroom Resources

Our classroom resources include research-based instructional strategies, sample text sets, discussion protocols, instructional word lists, and classroom assessments. These resources are integrated with our hybrid teacher course. As part of the course, teachers will consider reasons for selecting strategies from our library for specific classes or texts, read about how other teachers used them on our online platform, rate them, adapt them, and pilot them in classes. Throughout participation in our program and beyond, teachers will have access to a wide range of digital resources on the platform that they can rate and review, and download in editable Word versions so that they can build off or adapt for their own classroom needs.

Example of an resource on our Learning Platform

Student Feedback

Student can rate classroom strategies

The resources in this book have a QR code in the footer at the bottom. Students can scan the QR code, which will automatically bring them to a page to rate the resource using a simple student-friendly scale. Voting is anonymous, and the results are displayed under the resource on the learning platform right next to teacher ratings. We hope this will provide extra data for teachers to make informed decisions about instructions on how to adapt the resources to their students' needs.

Other Features and Updates

New & Improved Resource Library: Hundreds of Strategies and Resources
We are so excited to share our new and improved resource library with you! We now have hundreds of strategies, as well as videos, assessments, text sets, and other resources for teachers, coaches, and admins.
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