Our Professional Development Model

At Reading Ways we provide middle and high schools with services needed to design and implement successful multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS). We can assist with data analysis, assessment, intervention, and strategic leadership across all the MTSS dimensions. We offer the OASIS model to support MTSS Tier 1 literacy in every content area.

The OASIS model results from Joshua Lawrence's long-term effort to bridge the gap between research and practice. Research shows that effective professional development programs do not only invest in improving teachers' content knowledge and pedagogical skills. Effective programs are guided by formative assessments and data, they provide opportunities for colleagues at all levels to collaborate, and they span across multiple years. We have learned through practice that applying general principles of adult learning and community growth is challenging. If the unique circumstances do not drive the PD, educators can walk away with the feeling of the program being irrelevant. In addition, many schools notice that this engagement fades when the coaching contract ends—which is no surprise because it is difficult for a novice coach to apply principles of adult learning effectively. 

The OASIS model uses science-based principles of effective professional development to help middle and high schools make transformational changes. And due to the flexibility of our model, we can provide local solutions. The model also addresses the fade-out effect by providing a knowledgeable outside support network and building capacity so that educators can continue to engage in implementing disciplinary literacy in the classroom beyond our involvement. Specifically, our service offerings are intended to provide the following outcomes and deliverables:

Goal 2

To create and sustain a community of teachers who reflect deeply on their practice and push one another to improve it​.

Goal 5

To use a research-based model of higher-order thinking that aligns the instructional mission of teachers across content areas​.

Goal 3

To embed high-quality research based pedagogical tools in schools and classrooms, and to work with teachers to adopt them.

Goal 1

To improve reading scores and create a new generation of pupils able and willing to critically engage with texts in digital environments.

Online Approaches to Site-based Improvement and Sustainable change

The OASIS Model

The OASIS model is designed to help middle and high schools implement research-based literacy strategies in content areas. The model is a blended model that combines online approaches (such as e-learning and online support) with traditional site-based support. Incorporating the unique circumstances of each school community and adult learning principles, the OASIS models improve schools' internal capabilities and provide sustainable solutions.

Sustainable Change: In Two Ways!

Sustainability is at the heart of our professional development model. The learning structures and capacities that are developed during our work together remain at the school. We have multiple levels of online and in-person support to ensure that your school community can stay engaged for the long haul

Sustainability is at the heart of our professional development model. The learning structures and capacities that are developed during our work together remain at the school. We have multiple levels of online and in-person support to ensure that your school community can stay engaged for the long haul

Improvement: Effective Professional Development

Reading Ways builds educators' capacity to implement disciplinary literacy in the classroom using science-based principles of adult learning. We provide educators with flexible and innovative learning tools and methods to address the disciplinary literacy challenges secondary students face and will face in the future. 

We partner you with one of our consultants, who will help you identify a staff member that can serve as the Site Leader. In turn, the Site Leader will lead the implementation work at the school and then we gradually extend this work with additional teams. Throughout the partnership, the Site Leader will try new coaching strategies and push new instructional ideas at the school-level, with the support of the Reading Ways consultant. Through a structured system of support, we help educators implement disciplinary literacy in classrooms and create a culture of disciplinary literacy school-wide. We designed the OASIS model to help your internal instructional leadership team shine.

Site-Based: Learning Within a Community

Being a team of former and current teachers, Reading Ways uses an inquiry approach that builds on the expertise of our collaborating teachers and instructional leaders. With our school- and district-based partners, we build an array of context-specific support, driven by the unique circumstances of each school community.

Because implementation is led by school-based Site Leaders in support of the Reading Ways consultant, coaches get the support they need to feel confident in their role while our work stays rooted in the needs of the community. This site-based approach allows the learning to take place within the school community even though the courses are online.

Online Approaches: E-learning and Online Support

The Learning Platform is the foundation that helps literacy coaches support their teachers with professional development. We developed this learning management system to address common barriers to implementing new teaching practices, such as time and varying comfort levels with technology. On our Platform, our partners can access our courses, communities, resources, and carefully curated list of research-based and practice-friendly instructional strategies, sample text sets, discussion protocols, instructional word lists, and assessments.

A Reading Ways consultant supports the newly identified Site Leaders through regular in-person, video, and online meetings. Site Leaders enroll in our online Literacy Leadership Course, which introduces them to key concepts in adult learning and uses collaborative online tools to support them through data collection and developing a realistic action. The Site Leader and RW Consultant customizes the teacher course by adapting the instructional goals and handpicking educational videos, research articles, and learning strategies from a playlist. Throughout participation in our program and beyond, teachers will have access to a wide range of digital resources on the Platform that they can rate, review, and download in editable Word versions to build off or adapt for their own classroom needs. The Site Leader and school administrators can follow along on the teacher course progress and general engagement in the Administrator Dashboard.

Moving communication online makes scheduling more flexible and support more accessible—your support network is only one click away. At the same time, this work is meaningless if it does not connect to the professional lives of teachers and the work done in the classroom. Each online course ends with school-based meetings led by the Reading Ways Site Leader, who facilitates deeper inquiry and reflection on newly adapted strategies.

The learning PlatformResources & Strategies

Our Engagement Cycle

We start by identifying a staff member or small team (the Reading Ways Site Leaders) to lead the work. They enroll in our Literacy Leadership course, which introduces the Reading Ways Site Leaders to key concepts in adult learning, guides participants through a process of data collection, and helps produce a realistic action plan.

The plan is refined in collaboration with school leadership and our Reading Ways team, and then becomes the basis for our implementation contract. Implementation is led by the Reading Ways Site Leader in partnership with teacher leaders and school administration. We support this team with regular in-person, video, and online meetings. The team also has access to a rich library of online and print resources. Building instructional leadership is a key goal for the first year of implementation. We also introduce our online and hybrid resources to the school community. At the end of the first year of implementation, we reflect on and adapt our plan, extending this work with additional teams.


- Online hybrid courses for teachers on disciplinary literacy, academic language and vocabulary development, multiple-text comprehension, and classroom argumentation and discussion

- Downloadable, strategies, word lists, assessments, text sets, and more at our online teacher resource center

- Kick-off events featuring members of the Reading Ways team

- Summer institutes, teacher workshops, and on-site professional learning experiences

- Books, posters, text sets, participant guides, printables and more

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