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Our philosophy and approach to leadership and learning.
Students need robust reading comprehension skills to tackle rigorous content in high school and beyond. Superficial attempts to import basic reading strategies from English classes into math, history, and science settings have largely failed. Successful literacy initiatives in middle and high schools require exceptional expertise, but are useless if they are not tailored to the needs of your staff and done in a way that builds the leadership capacity of your team so that the work is sustainable. Our collaboration with your school or district is coordinated by one of your team members so they might carefully plan and execute a Literacy Action Plan with our ongoing support. This person becomes a “Reading Ways Site Leader.” Reading Ways Site Leaders are experienced teachers, coaches, directors of instruction, or school leaders who take our 15-hour online course Literacy Leadership (available for graduate credit through Fitchburg State University, if desired). This course is based on Dr. Jacy Ippolito’s research and writing related to coaching and literacy leadership (see Jacy’s publications and affiliations here). The course uses his book Cultivating Coaching Mindsets (written with Dr. Rita Bean). A key outcome of the course is a school- and district-specific Literacy Action Plan that the Site Leader can begin to implement with their team. This plan is developed through our course and benefits from extensive vetting and feedback from Reading Ways coaches. It outlines which content-area teams will begin exploring literacy instruction together, the timeline for professional learning, which adult-learning strategies will be used, and which Reading Ways resources and online courses teams will utilize.



We start by identifying a staff member or small team (the Reading Ways Site Leaders) to lead the work. They enroll in our Literacy Leadership course, which introduces the Reading Ways Site Leaders to key concepts in adult learning, guides participants through a process of data collection, and helps produce a realistic action plan.
We use the Literacy Action Plan to engage school and district leaders and strategically deploy Reading Ways resources to accomplish your literacy and learning goals. Every engagement contract includes regular video conferences that bring together your in-district Reading Ways Site Leaders and experienced coaches from Reading Ways. We also schedule regular meetings with the school and district administration, to ensure strong alignment with broader school initiatives and district goals.   MOST ENGAGEMENT CONTRACTS ALSO INCLUDE:
  • Online hybrid courses for teachers on disciplinary literacy, academic language and vocabulary development, multiple-text comprehension, and classroom argumentation and discussion
  • Downloadable, strategies, word lists, assessments, text sets, and more at our online teacher resource center
  • Kick-off events featuring members of the Reading Ways team
  • Summer institutes, teacher workshops, and on-site professional learning experiences
  • Books, posters, text sets, participant guides, printables and more



The OASIS model is designed to improve your school’s in-house capabilities in a sustainable and lasting way. Reading Ways have developed this model based on academic research and years of professional experience. The OASIS-model builds on concepts of capacity building, professional development, and adult learning. It is a blended model that combines online approaches (such as e-learning and online support) with traditional site-based approaches.
Online Approaches to Site-based Improvement and Sustainable change

School leaders: Learn how to implement Reading Ways

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