Our Professional Development Model

The Sustainable Coaching and Adaptive Learning for Education (SCALE) model is an approach to professional learning designed to scale research-based practices through a hybrid coaching model.

Sustainable Coaching and Adaptive Learning for Education

The SCALE Model

The SCALE model provides ongoing, long-term support for teachers and administrators through strategies such as coaching, mentoring, peer coaching, and online communities of practice. It uses technology to support collaborative learning in support of teachers who are implementing evidence-based practices with fidelity. Our program brings research-based instruction that supports students' literacy development to every classroom in your middle or high school.

Collaboration and Coaching

Teacher learning is shared in the group, and in-line responses and reactions make it easy for team members to learn together. The structure of responses invites critical reflection on and adaption of research-based strategies, which are then coached by site leaders. Our goal is to develop the instructional leadership in your district and train your local site leader in the coaching, assessment, and intervention practices that will allow you to build and sustain support for student literacy in every content area.

Research-based resources and practices

Providing rich sets of adaptable resources and engaging content is the second pillar of our model. The Reading Ways resource library hosts sets of research-based strategies, webinars by leading researchers, and other professional learning materials that are world-class. These resources are integrated with the online learning forum and resource area to invite users to explore and discover resources and learn about recommended or relevant new resources.

Online and In-person Coaching Activities

The third pillar is integrating online and in-person coaching activities. We create incredible opportunities for knowledge building, effective learning, and instructional growth when we strategically integrate online and in-person support for our teachers. Our consultants support your site leaders in using integrated dashboards to help them track how each teacher engages with online and in-person coaching. This high level of visibility into all aspects of the coaching work allows us to ensure that research-based practices are being implemented effectively.

The learning PlatformResources & Strategies

Our service offerings are intended to provide the following outcomes and deliverables:

Goal 2

To create and sustain a community of teachers who reflect deeply on their practice and push one another to improve it​.

Goal 5

To use a research-based model of higher-order thinking that aligns the instructional mission of teachers across content areas​.

Goal 3

To embed high-quality research based pedagogical tools in schools and classrooms, and to work with teachers to adopt them.

Goal 1

To improve reading scores and create a new generation of pupils able and willing to critically engage with texts in digital environments.

Our Engagement Cycle

We start by identifying a staff member or small team (the Reading Ways Site Leaders) to lead the work. They enroll in our Literacy Leadership course, which introduces the Reading Ways Site Leaders to key concepts in adult learning, guides participants through a process of data collection, and helps produce a realistic action plan.

The plan is refined in collaboration with school leadership and our Reading Ways team, and then becomes the basis for our implementation contract. Implementation is led by the Reading Ways Site Leader in partnership with teacher leaders and school administration. We support this team with regular in-person, video, and online meetings. The team also has access to a rich library of online and print resources. Building instructional leadership is a key goal for the first year of implementation. We also introduce our online and hybrid resources to the school community. At the end of the first year of implementation, we reflect on and adapt our plan, extending this work with additional teams.

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