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Literacy Webinar Series

Reading Ways hosts webinars with authors, researchers, and teachers who are leading the way in adolescent literacy. Every webinar provides specific resources to use at your school.

Reading Ways hosts webinars with leading authors, researchers, and leaders.​ During the webinars, our invited experts provide an overview of their work and answer questions about practical implications for our teachings. We offer the new book or research articles to participants so they can prepare to maximize the experience, and integrate these lessons into their work. Featured guests this year will focus on supporting student argumentation in writing and through debate. We will review recent research by Karen Taylor (Stanford), Josh Lawrence, Carol Connor (University of California), and Catherine Snow (Harvard), which examines the relationship between academic language and complex argumentation. We connect these findings to the use of specific instructional strategies.

Taylor, K. S., Lawrence, J. F., Connor, C. M. & Snow, C. E. Cognitive and linguistic features of adolescent argumentative writing: Do connectives signal more complex reasoning? Read. Writ. (2018) doi:10.1007/s11145-018-9898-6

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