We believe that successful literacy initiatives must engage multiple stakeholders in systematic and reflective work towards a common goal. Courses and workshops taken by individual teachers may improve knowledge and understanding, but we must foster changes in practice collectively. Reading Ways offers flexible options for schools, depending on their current strategic goals. Our hybrid format allows us to offer a comprehensive set of solutions to your school or district for a low price.

For Administrators and Directors

Why are student scores flat in seventh grade? How should we roll out a literacy plan so that it does not compete with other district initiatives? How can we bring a new project to scale in our district or state?‍

Reading Ways aims to bring powerful learning to scale. Our leadership team has specialized training and experience in data analysis, research design, fiscal management, and large-scale implementation.

For Instructional Leaders

How do we foster a culture of reflection and collaboration? How do we create a habit of continuous learning?

Providing instructional leadership across grade levels and content areas is challenging. Many schools rely on external coaches to introduce new instructional methods; usually, they discover that any resulting changes fade out when the external contract ends. Reading Ways is implemented by your Literacy Leadership. We put our efforts into building your school's instructional leadership capacity so that when our contracts end, your school is ready to sustain and extend the initiative.

For Teachers

What does it mean to be a critical reader in math, science, or history? What are the challenges of learning in digital environments? What strategies can I use to support argumentation?

We believe that middle and high school teachers are heroes. They are passionate about their content area and seeing their students thrive. Too often, the learning opportunities provided to these professionals are of poor quality. Not on our watch.