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Reading Ways is a full-service consultancy that will help you align multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) in your schools. We specialize in bringing strong research-based and effective professional learning to every content area classroom.

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Our Mission

Reading Ways: On a Mission to Transform Learning in US Middle and High Schools

Literacy is discussing a great book with a friend, but it is also...

  • Workforce preparedness
  • Argumentation and critical thinking
  • Revising technical diagrams
  • Interpreting musical scores or paintings
  • Civic engagement

Our goal is to provide students with the resources and support they need to succeed in all areas of their education, and to align all content areas and systems of support to propel student achievement.

Our Key Features

Live data. Driving decisions today.

Our hybrid solution generates metrics at every step of the way. Coaches use  visual analytics generated from online and in-person data streams to get a clear view of how their teams are performing and trending over time. Our 360-degree feedback model is integrated into our process, giving coaches and administrators the information they require to provide targeted coaching for improved student outcomes.

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We believe in the power of distributed leadership.

We provide your local instructional leadership team with mentorship, research, and technology so they can bring powerful literacy work to scale with strong teacher buy-in. We focus on making your leaders stronger. The result is that this work feels home-grown, and the instructional changes last.

“Reading Ways helped us to create a culture where teachers feel valued as they learn and empowered by our among local site leader to try new approaches to literacy”
- Dr. Scott Mann, Superintendent, Riverside School District, Riverside Ohio.

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The science of reading comprehension

Our courses are based on research synthesized and conducted by Dr. Lawrence and our distinguished Research Advisory Board. Each course brings together advanced resources for your local leaders, a structured hybrid sequence for teachers, and hands-on practical resources to support literacy in every classroom.

Our current course offerings focus on:
• Enhancing reading skills with explicit strategies
• Improving academic language for success
• Developing conceptual understanding with focused vocabulary instruction
• Fostering critical thinking with multiple text analysis
• Inspiring academic engagement through purposeful discussions and debates

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Marlborough Public Schools

Marlborough, Massachusetts
Key focus: Alignment with district initiatives to support English Learners. 

Implemented the SCALE model at Marlborough High School and 1LT Charles W. Whitcomb School. Current goals: Develop district instructional leadership. Support literacy in every content area classroom.

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Park County School District 6

Cody, Wyoming
Key focus: Building coherent instructional leadership district-wide.

Started a three-year project to support tier 1 literacy at Cody Middle School and Cody High School. The Wyoming Comprehensive Literacy Development Grant provides funding. Current goals: Enriching conceptual discipline-specific vocabulary instruction and building structures for teacher collaboration.

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Institute of Educational Sciences

Grant amount : Small Business Innovation and Research Award ($250,000)

Reading Ways received the SBIR award to enhance the technology infrastructure we use to support the SCALE model. Funding allows us to extend and test our collaboration tools and study how coaches use data from our coaching analytics dashboards to drive decision-making.

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Canton Pubic Schools

Canton, Ohio
Key focus: Supporting teacher autonomy and professionalism as they adapt strategies to support learning across departments.

In the 2021 - 2022 school year, Canton High School implemented the SCALE model with all departmental heads. This year, a second cohort of HS teachers has begun to implement the SCALE model, and the district is training instructional leaders district-wide to support disciplinary literacy.

How do I get started?

Our Getting Started Guide is an 8-page guide to building a leadership team, digging into the research, aligning on a plan, and taking action.  Our guide also includes key readings, resources, and example classroom strategies in the Appendix. You can also set up time to chat with our team now.

Build a literacy leadership team for middle and high schools

The most effective schools have a clear vision for the work that needs to be done with students. In this guide we outline who to invite to the team and provide an outline schedule of meetings. Get started now.

What can the simple view of reading teach us about disciplinary literacy?

This article provides an overview of the simple view of reading and draws out the implication for supporting student literacy in content-area classrooms.

The many facets of Critical Disciplinary Literacy

This short reading reviews the cognitive subskills that should be supported across content areas. In addition, we provide reading strategies that can be used to support each subskill.

Constrained and unconstrained skill development: Why it matters for secondary students

When policymakers and educators look for models of how to help secondary schools improve literacy outcomes, they often base their thinking on work done in elementary schools. We show why this is can be a big mistake.

Download our Getting Started Guide

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Reading Ways' SCALE model simultaneously builds local instructional leadership capacity and scales research-based literacy practices in each content area classroom. We are working to extend this model beyond our high school to other schools in the district."

Dr. Lynn Rudd, New Employee Specialist, Department of Human Resources/Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Canton City Schools, Canton, Ohio

"When we were first introduced to Reading Ways, we were looking for a way to improve our secondary literacy outcomes and build internal instructional leadership capacity. The SCALE model helped us create a culture where teachers feel valued as they learn and are empowered by our amazing local site leader to try new approaches to literacy."

Dr. Scott Mann, Superintendent

Riverside School District, Riverside Ohio

"As a new literacy coach, the Reading Ways team provided me with valuable resources and training that helped me to develop the knowledge and skills I needed to be effective. They also connected me with a community of coaches and literacy leaders who continue to refresh my learning and inspire my work."

Stephany Anderson, Secondary Literacy Coach

Park6 Schools, Wyoming

Let's Work Together

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