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Teaching Academic Vocabulary Words

How teaching connections between words can help students master academic vocabulary.
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Disciplinary Expert and Pedagogical Texts: Implications for Creating Text Sets

Using small excerpts of disciplinary expert text can help enliven disciplinary thinking in classrooms and improve text sets that are being used.
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Fostering Critical Thinking: Effective Dialogue Strategies in Middle and High Schools

Classroom discussions and debates are key to developing critical thinking skills. Protocols can foster deep understanding and respectful exchange of ideas.
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Area Study Organizer

The Area Study Organizer aids interdisciplinary study by integrating knowledge from cultural/social studies, geography, economics, and political studies.
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Elements of Nonfiction Scavenger Hunt

Tailored for various disciplines, The Elements of Nonfiction Scavenger Hunt strategy aids comprehension, encourages engagement and text interaction.
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Anticipation Guide

Pre-reading, the Anticipation Guide sparks interest and challenges assumptions. After reading, it helps compare opinions to text, fostering critical thinking.
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Support Argumentative Writing and Classroom Debate with Organizers

Argumentative writing is challenging for secondary students. Research analyzes middle schoolers' essays, linking connective usage to argument complexity.
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Word Generation: Literacy Development Through Academic Language and Discussion

The Word Generation program integrates literacy, argumentation, and vocabulary across subjects, yielding positive results in academic language development.
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