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Joshua Lawrence

Principle Researcher & CEO

Josh Lawrence is currently a Professor at the University of Oslo in the Faculty of Educational Sciences. Josh began his professional life as a teacher and literacy coach in the Boston Public Schools. Since deploying an open-source PHP bulletin board to host “writers’ workshops” in middle school classrooms (Fahey, Lawrence, & Paratore, 2007), he has been using online collaborative tools to support teaching and learning. He completed a three-year postdoc at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. During his time there, he worked with Catherine Snow and the SERP institute to conduct a large-scale randomized trial evaluating the effects of the Word Generation curriculum. He was subsequently hired in the Language, Literacy, and Technology Specialization at the University of California, Irvine School of Education. Josh has published first-authored papers in Reading Research Quarterly; the Journal of Educational Effectiveness; the American Educational Research Journal; and Bilingualism, Language, and Cognition (find out more about his research at Josh is co-founder of Reading Ways and the lead developer of the SCALE professional development model. He is also currently the chief executive officer of Reading Ways, a member of the Board of Directors, and the Chair of the Research Advisory Board.

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